Apr 4, 2014

she shares truth

Today I'm excited to finally take the leap, open up, and participate in She Shares Truth through She Reads Truth (which is one amazing place, ladies!).  

Joshua 1:8-9

Let me share something with you.  Finding out what your weaknesses are can be tough.  We don't always want to accept them or finally open up the blinds to see the truth.  I feel like sometimes I try to cover up that weakness of mine by placing more things on top of it that I feel I'm good at.  I'll throw myself into volunteering, baking for an event, making plans with friends, cleaning, just so that I don't have to remind myself of my faults.  

After reading the scripture for today I started doing just that because I knew this was my weakness and I wasn't prepared to face the hard battle of accepting it and receiving some mighty grace.  Meditating on God's word.  It is something that seems so simple, but yet is an area that I constantly fall in.  

As I new mom I quickly threw myself into reading any and every book to figure out what to do with this new baby of mine.  From What to Expect When You're Expecting to the Happiest Baby on the Block…I'd pour over them, eager to find the answers I was looking for.  How do I soothe my wailing baby?  Do they need to be swaddled?  Is it too early for him to be rolling over?  There are so many questions that roll around in your head as you venture into this brand new chapter of your life.  And these books hold all of the answers, so I dive on in. 

But can I say the same about God's Word.  When I'm hurt in a relationship, do I seek God's Word or do I go and seek advice from a friend?  When I'm faced with a hard decision, what do I look out to for help?  The bible is the answer.  It holds all of my answers.  And it is God's Word to me, His advice for me, and how he speaks to me

I love how God speaks to Joshua in this chapter, commanding him and giving him the land.  Commanding him to be strong and courageous.  He was commanded to believe, have faith, and press on knowing that God's providing him with everything he needs.  Do we believe that?  Do we have faith that God is going to meet our needs?  That He will give us the strength and courage that we need? I can easily say that my faith wavers in these hard circumstances, and I try to take the reigns away from God and control my path.  But, oh, doesn't that just hurt us so much more?  It is a daily reminder that I am worthy of this gracious love that takes away all fears and provides.  

So today I'm opening myself up to two promises:
God's Word is my answer, what I need to consume myself with
God will provide me with the strength and courage in the big and small, in the hard and easy bits of life

Apr 2, 2014

april goals

Setting goals for the month of March really set me in motion.  I'll admit that I was hesitant to be public with my goals, because if I didn't reach them I'd be held accountable.  There were goals I met, and others I didn't, and it all goes back to this daily process of giving myself grace.  Oh, thank goodness for that every flowing grace.  April-I'm ready for ya! 

Let's take a look at those March goals: 

1. Organize our closet.  I didn't get around to our master bedroom closet, but I did tackle our hall closet-which has been a labor of love.  We installed shelves and I feel like a whole new woman!  Having shelves to organize with is a big deal in our little space.  

2. Give up Starbucks.  There were two occasions I broke down, but for good reasons.  One was buying coffee for my mom, and the other was getting Starbucks on a family walk with the husband and baby this past Saturday.  I think these don't really count since they were for relationships, not just me wanting to sip some coffee all by myself.  

3. Run 3 times a week.  Each week I ran 3 times, and one of those runs included the Hot Chocolate 5k with my main man.  It felt good to get back out there, but it also brought about some crazy mental struggles with running, exercise, body image, etc. 

4. Have an intentional conversation with a friend once a week.  This happened a lot more than normal and I want to continue to work on this just in life.  

5. Read one book.  I started reading Bringing Up Bebe, and then realized I needed a novel I could just get lost in.  So I finally picked up The Fault in our Stars last Thursday and surprised myself by reading it in 4 days.  Let me forewarn you, you might need a box of tissues at the end.  

April Goals: 

1. Read one novel.  I enjoyed reading a great book so much that it needs to continue on! 

2. Write and mail out one letter a week to a friend.  I LOVE getting mail, and I also love writing little notes of encouragement to others.  So, I'm determined to encourage and bless those around me this month. 

3. Go through my clothes.  Instead of vowing to organize our whole closet, I've decided to start with one step and go through my clothes.  This is something I do at least twice a year, and looking at the same clothes hanging there over and over again that never get worn is finally getting to me. 

4. No clothes shopping.  I'm pretty controlled when it comes to finances, but lately I've noticed this desire to just spend for the heck of it.  So this month I'm going to work on not buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories and live with what I have.  

Apr 1, 2014

nathan james: 3 months

As I type this, I'm sitting on the floor while Nathan plays on his play mat, both hands shoved deep into his mouth, and he is just talking away.  And my heart is swelling up with joy.  Motherhood takes you into this crazy new world, where you would've never thought your heart could love this much before, and where your baby just grows up one day.  And that's where we are…Nathan continues to just grow and change so much, and each new day brings about more joy and love than I ever thought possible.  

Growing//  Nathan weighs a whopping 15lbs. 6oz…give or take a few.  I think I calculated that he gains a pound every two weeks.  Yeeks.  I was looking at pictures from when he was born, trying to remember the days when he was so little, and it just amazes me how much he has grown in a mere 12 weeks.  Nathan also decided to take after all of his grandpas and lost almost all of his hair this month!  He has a mini-brim with more hair in the back than on top.  But alas!  The hair is growing back.  It took a while to adjust to a bald baby after having one born with SO much hair, but I think he is adorable no matter how much hair he has on his head.  

Eating & Sleeping//  Well, Nathan basically loves to eat.  He nurses every three hours during the day, and takes a bottle like a champ.  This pushed aside a lot of fears as I returned to work this past week.  We have gotten into a nice rhythm at night, and Nathan falls asleep so much easier and quicker at night with the consistently of our nighttime routine.  Nights have been a.ma.zing and he was sleeping from 8pm to 4am.  Last week he decided to start waking up earlier, so now we are back to 1am and 4am feedings.  Sleeping during the day is a struggle, and he likes to cat nap instead of taking two nice long naps.  There are times he will sleep for a solid two hours, but that is with me holding him.  I'm learning to savor these moments and let the undone continue to stay undone while I hold this baby boy.  

Loving// Nathan is most definitely a morning person and loves waking up in the morning.  As soon as I look over him and say "good morning" he just smiles from ear to ear and starts talking away.  He loves smiling and squealing at you as I talk back to him.  He loves when mama sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "You Are My Sunshine" to him.  He loves when daddy comes home from work and blows razzes with him.  He loves bath time, especially now that he has figured out how to kick his legs and make quite the mess.  Nathan is now rolling over from his belly to his back.  He's still on the fence how he feels about this…I'm sure it's his protest of tummy time.  Drooling is also a new favorite of his, and he is now permanently in a bib! 

Loathing// There's a not a whole lot this happy baby of our doesn't like.  He's not a fan of being cradled and would much rather be upright so he can take in all of his surroundings.  Naps are something he is still coming around to, as he doesn't like to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time.  We also started using the Bumbo and activity seat this past week, both of which he is warming up to.  

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